What is a Shopping Cart?

An online shopping cart is similar to the cart you use in physical supermarkets. You add items that you wish to purchase into it and proceed to pay for your order.

What is My Account?

"My Account" provides you information about your orders and personal details shared with Parts.lk. Not only can you manage/edit all your personal data like address, phone numbers, Email IDs, you can track the status of your pending orders. You can also use this section to save additional preferred addresses for billing and delivery that will aid a faster checkout.


What are the various methods by which you can pay for your order?

Parts.lk currently offers you 3 payment options as follows:

  1. Pay online using a credit card
  2. Pay by Cash on Delivery
  3. Pay at a Bank

How safe is it to shop online with a credit card?

When you pay online on Parts.lk you will be redirected to Sampath Bank’s secure payment gateway to make your purchase. We at parts.lk respect your privacy and your personal information is safe with us. Please refer to our <privacy policy statement> for more information.

What is 'Cash on Delivery'?

On Cash on Delivery, you can place your order online and pay for it when you receive the order with no extra charges!

How do I pay at a bank for my order?

When you choose the option ‘Pay at a Bank’ we will Email you our account information to which you can transfer your payments. Please inform us through a phone call (0112-649219) or via Email (contact@parts.lk) when you have transferred the funds to our Bank Account with your Order ID, Name, Bank Account Number and Order Amount.


Do you deliver to locations outside Sri Lanka?

No. Currently we provide services only in Sri Lanka.

Request Quote

What is ‘Request Quote’?

If you do not find the part you're looking for on our website you can request a quotation. We will try our best to source it locally, but should the part be not available in Sri Lanka we can import it for you. If the quotation suits your budget you can place an order and purchase the product.

Does ‘Request Quote’ service involve a fee?

No, the service is absolutely free!

Is there a limit on the number of times I can request a quote?

No, but if you fail to purchase the requested items during 3 consecutive requests we will withdraw the service without prior notice. You can resume availing this service when you provide a valid reason for not using the quotation we provided.


What do I do if I receive a defective/damaged Part?

Customers have the opportunity to reject a product on receipt (With valid reasons to request for a replacement). At this point, customer is expected to request a similar part/model and should have valid reason/proof to show why the product needs replacement.

 Please refer to our Return Policy for more details.