Return Policy

Please initiate your return request by submitting a formal request to via an email. We will review and contact you via email or by provided phone number within 3 business days. We will not refund money but will provide you with a replacement part to support your need. For all return parts, a delivery fee will apply for pickup, handling and replacement charges. Additional fees may apply however the customer will be informed prior the new delivery. All charges / incremental price difference for the return goods are to be paid up front.

In case of a return due to a fault in the part, the return item will be reviewed by the or experts to ensure confirm fault reason. It is at management’s discretion to return/replace a product after a review is done. Usually the review process may take upto 2 business days. If the fault reason is due to an issue as part of damage incurred due to customer installations, damage due to mishandling of a part with the customer/their installation party, tampered from original status, additional usage marks, etc. the replacement will not be made. The returned products must meet our criteria of acceptance. At all times, the customer will be outlined with the reasons for rejection or ask questions to clarify the request.  If you do not hear back from us within 3 business days, or if there is a dispute related to the request, email or call us at 011 2649291.  In order to ensure prompt customer service, please make sure you have submitted your online return authorization request and have your original order number available before you call. will provide maximum quality checks prior parts delivery to our clients however, It is clients responsibility to review and accept the product on delivery to minimize additional fees and time. In case of an OEM/ Genuine/ Brand new part/used parts, the replacements may take few business days to import (in the event parts are not readily available in Sri Lanka). Replacement Used parts condition may vary however it is expected to function without an issue. All replacement parts should be returned with the original packing. At all times, manufacturer/supplier return policies will apply and their evaluation to establish whether to return or replace.

All parts will not quality to return good category. Hence, please check prior purchase whether the part will have a replacement or not prior checkout.

Customer have the opportunity to reject accepting a product on receipt (With valid reasons to request for a replacement). At this point, customer is expected to request for a similar part/ model and should have valid reason/ proof to show why the product will need a replacement. Customers are responsible for correctly identifying the parts or products that are needed for their vehicle/need.  If it is determined that the wrong product was received due to error, will return the product. will have the discretion to make the final decision.

If the returned part/product does not meet our acceptance criteria, we will make a reasonable attempt to contact you, using the contact phone number and contact e-mail address provided on the original order or return request, to arrange for return or disposal of the item.  Please make sure to check your e-mail, and make sure that our correspondence is not being blocked as spam and a valid working phone number.